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>> rick: hello, everybody. well dom brand-new hour inside america's news headquarters. i'm rick folbaum. >> arthel: i'm arthel neville. israel on the brink of war with hamas, mobilizing tens of thousands of reserve troops for a possible ground invasion of the gaza strip. could a full blown conflict drag in the u.s.? >> rick: the white house responding after david petraeus' testimony raised new questions over the handling of the deadly terrorist attack in libya and the response. the general's talking points on what really happened reportedly
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altered. but who did it? >> arthel: and hundreds of veterans from iraq and afghanistan join the relief effort for super storm sandy. we have a live report from one of the hardest hit areas here in the coast. >> rick: we begin with a fox news alert. growing concern that israel and the palestinians may be inch closer to a full blown conflict. the sounds of israeli air strikes thundering in gaza. tensions rising to their highest level in years. palestinian militants firing rockets at israel's largest city. israel mobilizing troops for a possible grounds invasion. david lee miller is live near the southern israel border with the very latest. david lee? >> hi, rick. israeli air strikes have continued with the intensity increasing in the last 24 hours. the latest figures are that 238 targets in gaza have been
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destroyed. among those targets, they've gone after rockets, rocket launchers, smuggling tunnel, headquarters of the palestinian prime minister, and there is also been a targeted assassination of a top hamas military leader. the death toll now stands at 45 palestinians killed. 350 wounded and three israelis killed. also in the last 24 hours, the rocket fire from gaza has continued. one of those rockets targeting tel aviv. it was shot down by the israeli military's defense system, iron dome. the rocket was shot down bay newly installed battery. there are now five of these iron dome batteries in israel. they just added a fifth one. people in tel aviv watched on their in their balconies looking up in the sky as the interceptor soared overhead, destroying the rocket. they say the success rate of the iron dome system is now at 85%.
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it has saved not only countless lives, but also millions of dollars. in addition to the palestinians sending rockets towards israel, they have also sent something else today. they've sent a propaganda video. this one in hebrew. a recorded message, a spokesman telling israelis that they missed the days of suicide attacks in israel and then he within on to say, do not sleep. we are coming to get you. lastly, there has been what might be -- and i underscore might be -- the phrase might be, a little progress on the diplomatic front. the egyptian president saying there is the indication of possibly some movement towards a accuracy fire. in the last few hours, the egyptian prime minister has been meeting with the leaders of qatar and turkey. it is possible there could be movement toward a cease fire.
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so far nothing concrete. on the ground, it looks like the israelis still making plans for at least the possibility of a ground incursion into gaza. that's the latest. back to you. >> rick: david lee miller for us, thanks so much. >> arthel: here is the question, how do we get here? here is a list of some of the key convenience that led up to this week's conflict. september 2005, israel orders a complete withdrawal of the gaza strip for the first time since it captured the strip from egypt during the 1967 war. june, 2007, hamas takes over gaza after a brief civil war with forces loyal to palestinian president abbas. rockets regularly fly into southern israel. december 2008, israel launches operation cath led. 22 day military offensive in the gaza strip. 2012, israel says more than 760 rockets have been fired from gaza since the start of the
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year. 24 hours later, israel kills hamas' military chief of staff and launches operation pillar of defense with the goal of stopping rocket fire. >> rick: in other news, new developments in the u.s. consulate attack in libya. the white house now denying that it altered the c.i.a.'s talking points that blame the attack apparently on al-qaeda. this after david petraeus told lawmakers on friday that the agency knew well all along that terrorism was involved. congressman peter king of new york was in that briefing. he told megyn kelly that he wants to find out who made those changes. take a listen. >> especially since the president and the vice president, the administration have hidden behind the pack all along that susan rice only said on the tv programs what she was told, was the best estimate of the intelligence community. the fact is, the best estimate of the intelligence community on september 15 and 16 was that there was direct al-qaeda involvement.
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>> rick: molly henneberg is in our dc bureau with more. hi. >> hi. the white house says it only made one edit to the c.i.a. talking points on libya, which was to call the benghazi site a government facility and not a consulate. that's all, according to white house deputy national security advisor ben rhodes, who told reporters today, quote, we were provided with the points by the intelligence community that represented their assessment. the only edit made by the white house was the factual edit about how to refer to the facility. so who then took out the line about it being an al-qaeda linked terrorist attack and put in instead a reference to extremist organizations? and pressed the idea that the attack was the result of a mob turned violent because of an anti-muslim video? democrats say this explains why u.s. ambassador to the united nations susan rice did not call the attack a terror strike. but republicans contend the obama administration wanted to down play terrorism from the start. >> the issue is from what was
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released from c.i.a. headquarters on friday afternoon in an unclassified talking point memo to the point it was changed to the sunday morning talk shows, there is a gap of about 48 hours that we need to account for and understand why it was changed. >> all the intelligence community have told us that initially they recognized there were extremists and terrorists involved, but they thought it came from a protest, that it took them time to sort that out, that there was no political spin in this. >> after the talking points memo left the c.i.a., then went to other intelligence agencies and the white house and the state department and the justice department and then to lawmakers. somewhere in there, the language was changed. rick? >> rick: molly henneberg live in washington. thank you. >> arthel: the white house now reporting that president obama will meet with congressional leaders the week after thanksgiving. they will discuss ways to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff, assevers automatic tax hikes and spending cuts due to kick in at the beginning of the year.
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but tax rates are expected to be a sticking point in the negotiations. so can they get it done. we're going to have a fair and balanced debate coming up on that. >> rick: the president is turning his attention to southeast asia where he is about to kick off a four-day trip to the renal. ben rhodes saying the working with the region will be a critical part of the president's second term and ultimately his foreign policy legacy. president obama will arrive in thailand before moving to cambodia and then on monday, going to make a little history by becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit burma. >> arthel: a desperate search from the sky and sea for two men missing in an oil rig fire. the coast guard is searching for the men still missing after an oil platform in the gulf of mexico off the coast of louisiana caught fire yesterday. the explosion left four other men badly burned. it's believed the fire began when a torch was used to cut into an oil line.
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>> rick: now hundreds of war veterans pitching in here at home in order to help folks recover from devastation of super storm sandy and anna kooiman is in the rockaways in queens, new york, where a lot of veterans have been on the ground since sandy hit. good to see you. >> great to see you as well. we're hearing the city of new york condemned some 200 homes because of safety hazards and this group is trying to save as many houses as they can, working 18 hours a day and work through the nor east that are hit a week and a half ago, through the snow. some 500 volunteers, most of them veterans from the wars in iraq and afghanistan, are focusing on the rockaways portion of queens today. the veterans are using their military training to help bring order to the chaos, removing debris, muck, sand and mold from flooded out homes. they are also offering emotional support. >> the hardest part was when he started moving out mementos from
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my mother, pictures, her wedding gown, christening outfit i made for my daughter, knickknacks, cards from my mom. she lives in my heart, but i have nothing to remember. nothing left. >> as for the veterans, being part of a group and offering a themselves up for service fills a void many of them feel when they return from war. one team leader, kyle murphy, broke several ribs while volunteering last week and is now taking on a coordinating role. murphy says he was especially touched by one sandy victim who served in korea. >> to see a man cry and the daughter, she had never seen her father cry, ever, and it took her by surprise. we all had a cry fest and just giving back to people that have already given, it really gives us a sense of community. >> team rubicon plans to stay in the renal until at least the end
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of the year. since they were founded in 2009, they've helped in the aftermath of nearly 50 natural disasters and human hairian crises. the folks at home would like to donate or volunteer, go to >> rick: i'm not surprised that these men who already served their country would continue to serve their fellow americans in time of need. thanks so much. >> arthel: very nice. from the extreme weather center, check it out. early season snow storm for northern california. this is good news. many skiers and snowboarders taking advantage of the fresh powder hitting the slopes just about 80 miles north of sacramento. a welcome sight for many of the resorts as thanksgiving approaches. maria molina is in the fox weather center with the forecast. >> that's right. we're talking about some snowfall across california, welcome news for anyone trying to do any skiing coming up for the thanksgiving holiday. but not good news for any travel efforts. i want to start out with an area
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of low pressure that we've been talking about a lot that was going to develop off the southeast coast here over the weekend. it is developing. we have some areas of showers and storms just off the coast of the carolinas. talk about this storm possibly becoming a nor'easter and impacting travel next week. the good news is right now the storm system does appear to remain offshore over the next couple of days. we don't think it will be causing too many issues as far as travel in the northeast. it looks relatively quiet for most of next week. good news for anyone doing any traveling in the northeast coming up this week. out west, it is going to be the travel nightmare, at least throughout the next couple of days. we have one storm moving through right now producing areas of rain from seattle down into portland, along i-5, through portions of california, showers, widespread across the entire state of california. and then we'll have another storm moving through as we head into tonight and into tomorrow. both of those storms that will continue to dump more snow, two to three feet of accumulation possible on some of the higher elevations out here. so we do have winter storm warnings in effect.
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that's that area shaded in pink along the sierra mountain range in parts of california. lower elevations could see ten to 20 inches of snow and you factor in the wind and that is a huge concern as far as travel goes. temperatures now in california, not too bad along the coast. in the 60s for california, for parts of los angeles, and san francisco, northeast, a little bit on the cool side. not too bad this time of year. 48 in new york city right now. >> arthel: that snow out west is good news-bad news. >> and also good news because we actually were pretty dry out there over the last couple of months. again, getting needed moisture. good news for skiers. not for traveling. >> arthel: thank you. >> rick: fox news confirming a major security breach at u.s. airports. the flaw may allow bad guys to avoid critical security checks. >> arthel: president obama is expected to sit down with congressional leaders in the coming weeks for talks over the looming fiscal cliff. but which ideas are more likely to help get the nation's debt under control? we'll debate that next.
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>> we understand that it has to be about cuts. it has to be about revenue. it has to be about growth. it has to be about the future.
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>> rick: back to up with of our
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top stories on this saturday. president obama met yesterday and will be meeting again with congressional leaders from both parties. the next meetings will take place the weeks after thanksgiving. they'll try to hammer out a deal to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. they met for more than an hour at the white house yesterday emerging optimistic about a deal. but there are still major sticking points, including the tax rates for the wealthy. take a listen. >> tax reform that eliminates wasteful tax preferences to generate revenue will help bring fairness and efficiency to our tax system. this approach makes more sense than raising tax rates, which will harm nearly a million small businesses and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. >> the other path is for congress to pass a law right away to prevent a tax hike on the first $250,000 of anyone's income. that means all americans, including the wealthiest americans, get a tax cut. 98% of americans and 97% of all
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small business owners won't see their income taxes go up a single dime. >> the senate passed a bill like this. democrats and the house are ready to pass one, too. all we need is for republicans in the house to come on board. >> rick: the chairman of the foreign civic pac, outreach director for john mccain's presidential campaign. ryan clayton is a democratic campaign consultant, founder of 100 proof good to see you. our first chat since election day. ford, let me start with you. i am an optimist at heart. and i saw the lawmakers more than from that meeting at the white house yesterday. they sounded like there might be an opportunity to get a deal done. what do you think? >> i'm hopeful. they're clearly striking the right public tone, but i'm not all that confident. i think that's really going to happen here is we're probably going to agree to a framework and put a stop gap in here. we're going to buffet up against
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the debt creel not guilty march. this is a little fiscal cliff, a little of the debt ceiling. we really need to get our fiscal house in order. the question is how. >> rick: ryan, revenue is on the table. the republicans are using the word. they say they're for it. what can the democrats put on the table? what should democrats say they would be willing to cut in terms of spending? >> the fiscal cross roads that politicians face now represent two very clear option for the road ahead. either we're going to make the middle class pay even more so the very rich can pay even less or make our country and our economy work for people that work for a living once again. we can either keep these trickle down tax cuts for the world's wealthiest individuals or we can protect social security. we can -- >> rick: ryan, let me go back to my initial question. what could democrats put on the -- if republicans are talking about revenue, which they didn't really want to talk about in the debt ceiling negotiations, they're talk being it now. what can the democrats say they will be willing to cut specifically? >> what americans need now is
6:21 pm
jobs, not cuts. i think that was pretty loud and clear in last week's elections. elections have consequence. y'all got beat. and right now americans are saying that the most important thing we can do is put americans back to work because if you cut funding for public education, then you're firing the teacher in your child's classroom. if you cut public safety, you're firing the firefighter in your neighborhood. if you cut medicare, you're firing the nurse. >> rick: ryan is making me feel less optimistic. >> that's exactly right. the question why do you want to raise rates on the top 2% who file as individuals, their business income when what we really need is fix the corporate tax code and the best way to put the revenue on the table right now is basically to cap the he deductions for the top 2%. it's $50,000. >> i agree with you. i think the thing we have to do is make sure that corporations like everyone else in this country pay their fair share. so let's keep middle class taxes right where they're at.
6:22 pm
let's cut taxes on small businesses. and then let's make sure these corporations -- >> but ryan, to do that, we have to fix the corporate tax code as well. >> rick: let me jump in and try to sort of steer you guys here a little bit. ford, we heard the president a minute ago in his weekly internet address say let's have congress pass a bill right now is that will guarantee the tax rates below 250 for families will not be raised. he said let's do that number we'll negotiate the other stuff after that. let's start with that. the senate has done it. should the house do it? >> the house should do it, but make sure they get the right framework in place. what president obama is really trying to do now is play russian roulette with the nation's fiscal health and essentially the republicans need to agree to that. but they need to get more compromise. the president said he wants to compromise, but he's shown no impetus to compromise because he said if he don't raise the rates on the top 2%, then it will go up for everyone.
6:23 pm
that's bunk and we all know it. what we can do is cap the deductions at $50,000 and get 80 pill onin revenue versus the other. >> rick: ryan, hold on. ryan. ryan. i was reading your talking points you provided to us before the interview today. it says the bush era tax cut force the world's wealth yeast are the things driving the debility. the president doesn't agree with that. the president on wednesday in his news conference said it's health care cost that is the single biggest driver of the debt. so again, i'm going to try to get you one more time to give me some specifics here when it comes to health care, health care entitlements, medicare, medicaid. what can democrats put on the table in these talks 'cause both sides have to put something on the table. what can democrats say they would be willing to cut. >> let me be clear, social security is a fully funded government program that has a dedicated stream of revenue and doesn't add a single penny to the deficit. it's one of the greatest programs we have going. it's one of the most trusted programs that the american government even runs.
6:24 pm
what this is really about is people want to go cut into social security and medicare and medicaid. especially with social security, wall street has been selling the snake oil, privatization for years now. >> ryan, the problem is that social security is going to go bankrupt. got to be honest here. social security and medicare is going to go bankrupt over the next two decades. the board of trustee, everyone agrees on this. i have agree with you, we need to save these programs, but we have to be smart. look, i recognize on the defense side we can hollow out some spending there and probably push it back to 2006 levels. the democrats are not being honest brokers here. and here is why they're not being honest, because they're winning the message game. 80% of the americans peter fiscal cliff. >> rick: ford, and, gentlemen, this is a debathe we'll have again. thank you so much for your time today. >> thank you >> arthel: i'm going to give you a whistle.
6:25 pm
good refereeing. we're talking about creel yack disease. it affects one out of 133 people. its cause remain has mystery, but this weekend on fox files, we speak to two high profile people who are struggling with the disease. >> celiac, everything that goes into your mouth and gets ingested is potentially dangerous. so you have to worry about mouth wash, toothpaste, shampoo, all of those things. and i remember six months later standing in the bathroom still getting sick and i'm clean as a whistle. i grabbed a bottle of, might have been listerine and i went, wow. wait a minute. the alcohol, whatever is in it. depends on the source and all that. >> arthel: unbelievable story. fox files airs sunday night at 9:00 p.m. and again at midnight.
6:26 pm
that's eastern time. >> rick: interesting. i look forward to watching that. celiac is so stuff to doing mows. >> arthel: it's so tough. and as you heard him say, you have gluten and things that can send this system into shock waves and so many places that you have no idea that it's there. >> rick: important news and we'll watch it tomorrow night. coming up next, growing concerns that israel is about to enter a full scale war with terrorists in gaza. we just heard david lee miller report that there could be some movement perhaps toward the cease fire. that word coming out of egypt. what role should the u.s. be playing in these diplomatic efforts? >> arthel: a warning from the tsa, potential security flaw on passengers boarding boarding passes and it may allow some very bad guys to skirt security. i have a cold... i took dayquil,
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it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. violence intensifying in the middle east as israel and hamas trade blows. militants firing more than 100 rockets towards the jewish state today, including two aimed at tel aviv. >> rick: plus, the white house now denying that it altered the c.i.a.'s talking points on the deadly terrorist attack in libya. former c.i.a. director david petraeus told lawmakers he knew all along that terrorists were involved. >> arthel: four people in the hospital following a train accident. four veterans of iraq and afghanistan were killed and 16 people hurt when a train smashed into a parade float carrying them all. >> rick: new information about a potential security lapse at our country's airports. the tsa confirming to fox news that a problem with domestic boarding passes could allow passengers to skirt security screens. dominic is live at lax in los angeles. >> hi.
6:32 pm
yes, rather concerning that there is such a flaw in boarding passes concerning how much concern there is over security. these are ones you get on your cell phone. in the bar code, your name and whether your part of the precheck security screening program which puts certain passengers in a line where they get less security screening. they don't have to take off their coats or shoes or laptops. don't have to get taken out of their bags. hackers discovered in that bar code, you can send that bar code to a web site on-line, take the data code out, manipulate it so that you can put yourself on the prechecked list, even if you're not signed up for the program. that means anybody who wanted to take on forbidden items on the airplane could do that. security experts say they're very concerned about what that means. take a listen.
6:33 pm
>> focus terrorists should not be able to determine ahead of time through a dry run if they will be successful. you want every experience of the airport to be different and the current system seems to be far more weighed towards watch lists and predictable security and that's not good. >> so basically what security experts are worried about is it takes out a degree of the randomness really of screening process. the tsa is some what embarrassed about this and spent some weeks actually trying to rebuff our attempts at trying to report on the flaw. but they've actually come out now and said and privately one official said we have to recognize the vulnerability but at the end of the day, really we do have other methods, other security screening levels whereby we can catch anybody trying to get through. here is a statement from the tsa. >> to identify something as a vulnerability is to not understand the entire aviation security system because there is
6:34 pm
not one -- one hole is not going to bring us down because we have so many other patches. >> security experts are saying when the tsa set up its precheck program four years ago issues it knew it could have incorporated a digital signature into the bar coding technology there and that at that point, it may or may not have deliberately chosen to include it. if it had done it at the time, it would not had the flaw and vulnerability we have and not got experts concerned that it could be exploited by terrorist. no word on how quick it plans to close the flaw. >> rick: thanks. >> arthel: as we mentioned earlier, in a few weeks from now, president obama will sit down with congressional leaders to hammer out a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. looming tax hikes, and spending cuts that threaten to plunge the u.s. back into another recession, yet many traders on wall street say, well, they're not worried. kyle harrington is founder of harrington capital management. tell us why wall street is not
6:35 pm
concerned. >> i think, let's make no mistake about it. this is a search, an exercise in a search for a workable solution from both sides. i get the sense here in my research that wall street has analyzed this and said they think that there is going to be some level of a solution for the united states with respect to tax hikes and cuts in spending in an effort to protect and decrease our deficit. okay? and i think wall street has factored in the fact that there will be a temporary -- i call it kind of a patch and plan type of plan going forward. it may be temporary -- i'm thinking it will be temporary in nature and a revisit later on. >> arthel: kyle, you seem to be on the same page as a lot of people, saying that there may be some sort of agreement, but it will be a short-term agreement. tell me what you think, how that short-term agreement would look
6:36 pm
like, and how would it affect those of us going about our day-to-day schedules, our regular economy and then also how would that short-term agreement, should there be one, affect portfolios, investment portfolios and retirement accounts? >> i think going forward here that there will be some spending cuts. i think that loopholes that businessmen and folks have will be tweaked and there will be some increase in some of the tax rates. and for that, i think there won't be as egregious in nature the tax increases, tax rate increases that the democrats would like to put in place. >> arthel: what sort of rates are -- increases are you talking about? >> remember, there is different tax rates that come to expire here. we have dividend tax rates. we have income tax rates. these are so if you have a portfolio, for example, you're going to be a lot more cautious about investing maybe in dividend paying stocks because
6:37 pm
your dividend tax rate would go up in your taxable portfolio. corporate income tax rates. if corporate income tax rates go up dramatically, arthel, rather than in a very fair and balanced way between the republicans and democrats, well then you may see a lot of companies laying off people or taking a -- >> arthel: how do you feel -- i'm asking you, putting you a lot bit on the spot. how do you see this playing out? when you start to say those types of things, not you in particular burks when we start to hear perhaps it's going to prehave not the folks from hiring and creating new jobs. people tend to freak out. how do you see this playing out in a sensible way, kyle? >> i think that there will be a temporary plan that's put in place that increases certain tax rates at a very reasonable amount so that the private sector doesn't decide that they
6:38 pm
no longer want to hire going into 2013. >> arthel: okay. i don't know if you herod rick earlier. he's feeling optimistic. i'm going to grab on the optimism myself. let's make this thing work. kyle, always good to see you. thank you very much. enjoy san diego. >> rick: coming up, israel and hamas threatening war as rockets and missiles fly across the border. tens of thousands of troops are mobilized. what, if anything, can the u.s. do behind the scenes to try to prevent any more bloodshed? we'll talk about that [ abdul-rashid ] i've been working since i was about 16.
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>> rick: that is it. the scene in southern israel between the border between israel and gaza. new questions over the role that
6:43 pm
the united states should be playing as rockets fly through the skies of that part of the world. thousands of israeli troops massing on the border with gaza. rockets and missiles flying, as you saw. the threat of a possible ground invasion looming. but what could the white house do? what should it do as the violence escalates? soup is a professor of law and political science. these are terrorists. let's just call them what they are, hamas, who have been firing missiles into israeli neighborhoods for months and months and months. hundreds of missiles. should the united states be urging israel to restrain itself, to even consider a cease fire with these terrorists? >> well, i think the united states has to urge israel and has to be with israel 100% in protecting israel's security. you're absolutely right. these are terrorists. you've got rockets coming into jerusalem which even saddam
6:44 pm
hussein, during the persian gulf war, the war in 1991, even he did not send missiles, sent rockets into jerusalem. this situation is dire and i'm sure like you, i have friends, family, loved ones whose kids are in the military, families live there. you can't live with rockets pouring in. so i do think our role has to be to try to secure peace and security for israel, whether through negotiations or through support of israel's right to defend itself. >> rick: that's been the message from the white house is that the administration, the united states believes that israel has every right to defend itself. we heard today from the president's deputy national security advisor that the president and benjamin netanyahu have been in touch every single day since this conflict began. what more should or could the u.s. be doing? >> well, you know, there is this term, light footprint.
6:45 pm
our foreign policy, and i've been strongly supportive of president obama, but he has attempted to engage in foreign policy, and particularly in middle east negotiations with a little more remoteness than, say, president clinton had. he was deeply and personally engaged. i think one of the troubling questions this administration has to face right now is whether that effort to stay a little bit removed and a little bit disengaged has maybe been a little less successful than we need it to be because, you know, either israel is going to enter into a meaningful cease fire agreement that will actually protect its citizens or it's got it take steps through military force. you just can't live the way folks have been living over there. >> rick: leading from behind is the foreign policy strategy that came out in a magazine article during the president's first term that a lot of republicans jumped on and have been critical of, seems like you share that view to a certain degree. i'm wondering about the role
6:46 pm
iran in all this. it's unclear exactly what the role is, but a lot of suspicion that they are in some way helping hamas and the way they're able to amos the kind of military hardware and missiles and rockets that they have. and that's really part of the big picture, it doesn't have to be moving forward. the idea of iran being more engaged in this region since the arab spring, i mean, this is a very different middle east that the president is about to face in his second term than the one he inherited when he first took office. >> you're absolutely right. look, the one thing we do know is that these rockets that are now reaching in 40 to 50 miles away into tel aviv and jerusalem, these are iranian rockets. we know where they're coming from. we know iran is playing a role here. and if the united states doesn't engage in a way that deals with the threat that iran poses to the region, then ultimately we're inviting a threat to the
6:47 pm
world as a whole. >> rick: the president has made it clear, he has said time and again that iran will not get a nuclear weapon, but this really is the concern. it's the concern of the israelis especially. if iran is able to get its missiles into gaza, there is no telling what they would ship over there to hamas. >> of course. and you know, the point my israeli friends will make is look, we understand the president saying he doesn't want iran to get a nuke conclude conclude nuclear weapon. but in order to prevent that from happening, you can't wait 'til the night before or the day before. you contact say oh, no. we're a day late! you've got to take action earlier and the question of when is critical. now look, nobody is -- nobody's interest is served -- i don't know a jewish mother in israel who wants to put her son or daughter in danger. but the security of the state of israel is at stake.
6:48 pm
they are our best and only true friend, i might add, in that region. and we've got to stand by them and insure that security and we've got to bring in and israel has to bring deterrence back because right now the palestinians are operating on the assumption that you can send hundreds of rockets into israel and not pay a price. >> rick: thanks so much. a reminder for our audience that military service is compulsory in israel. when susan talks about the boys and girls serving in the military, it's everybody in that chrism thanks so much. you can read susan's syndicated column in newspapers all over this country every wednesday and friday. >> arthel: of course, our hearts are heavy over here as we watch what's going on over there in the middle east. but we are a couple of days from thanksgiving and we're preparing for the holidays. they're right around the corner. some people are still thinking about gift ideas. we're going to switch gears and take a look at some of the best head phones on the market. "consumer reports" coming up
6:49 pm
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
>> rick: welcome back. you probably already started thinking about your holiday shopping. right? >> arthel: sure. >> rick: well, a lot of people with thanksgiving are going to start to do that. if you have someone on your list into music, why not get them the best head phones on the market? >> arthel: they're all the rage.
6:53 pm
they really are. that's just one of the gift ideas featured in the latest "consumer reports" magazine. joining us, senior electronics, jim wilcox. you saw how everybody swarmed to these things when we were setting this up 'cause everybody is into the head phones. you have several different kinds that you brought here. so we'll get into what you brought and why they're good. >> sure. this brings a representative sampling. everything here has at least very good sound, which is really a basi for head phones. one model actually had excellent sound. >> rick: these are ear buds that a lot of people use these days 'cause they're toes stick in your pocket. what's good about these? >> a couple of things. one is the sound is very good. also the insert style ear phones. if you put them in, it tends o block out external sounds. these things do a good job of blocking extraneous sounds. the other thing is the styling is sort of interesting. it's got like the over ear sort
6:54 pm
of performer so you can actually wear them in a -- >> arthel: they're like on stage you have them, bring them in over your ears like that. then you're like really professional. >> rick: very cool. >> they have controls for controlling your iphone or android phone. >> rick: how much? >> one hundred dollars. >> arthel: that's not too bad. these are the skull candy rock nation aviator by jay-z, right? n his company collaborated on design and celebrity head phones are one of the real trends that we're seeing this year. everyone from jay-z and others who invented that category. snooki is going to have a head phone line. >> arthel: are you kidding me? >> rick: i'm waiting for hers. what's good about these? >> they're really nice style. they're called the aviators and if you look, it's sort of styled after the old ray ban, sort of pilot type of glasses. they also have very good sound. and they also have controls for cell phones. >> arthel: you can use this with a cell phone?
6:55 pm
>> yeah. >> arthel: this comes in another color. >> rick: how much are these? >> $150. >> rick: i'm sorry, i can't hear you. >> 150. >> arthel: these here are really good, the high fi $400. tell us about these. >> these are the among the most ex opinionsive, but within of the best sounding head phones we've ever tested. they have an interesting technology. instead of regular drivers, it's got this different kind of technology. they're also open air. you will be able to hear some things. so they're really designed for use at moment they're not very sensitive, which means that you may have a hard time driving it with a portable device. you may not get good enough sound levels out. but details highs, great bass, smoother response. they're one of the best head phones we tested. >> rick: are these wireless? >> these are not. you can connect to either if you see there is inputs on either. so you can run the wires into these connections on the bottom. these are not wireless.
6:56 pm
>> rick: these are 400 bucks. you can see it on the bottom. >> arthel: then we go to this, the psb speakers. these are good turned if you're doing home studio recording, 'cause they're noise canceling and you see people in the airplanes with some of those. >> bose is the most famous for having the noise canceling, but there are other good models. very good sound with this model and also it has excellent noise reduction. so if you're on an airplane, the tiny microphone in it -- >> arthel: got to go on that note. 400 bucks. >> rick: thank you so much. that does it for us. >> arthel: harris faulkner, fox report up next. we'll see you next weekend. >> rick: take care. e this line is a convenience. how you doing today? i'm good thanks. how are you? i'm good. [ gordon ] but for others, it's all they can afford. every day nearly nine million older americans don't have enough to eat. anything else? no, not today. join me, aarp, and aarp foundion
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